This is not your typical suburban development. In fact, it’s a new neighborhood that captures the style of the old and urban often found only deep within the city. Yet here you can also breathe deep, enjoy open space, and have the convenience of a car – and the quality of the living and working environment is the best that can be found.

Rising along Route 4 in Englewood, New Jersey – just two minutes from New York City – Englewood South represents over five years of efforts by The S.Hekemian Group, a third-generation real estate developer with over 80 years of experience in New Jersey. The S.Hekemian Group employed two of the most respected mixed-use architects in the Mid-Atlantic region, Minno & Wasko and Lessard Urban, to help fulfill their vision. The result, building upon the great neighborhoods of our old-line cities, is one of the most exciting things to happen in New Jersey real estate in many years.